North Star Negotiations Software: North Star Negotiations is a new comparability software package that is designed to automate comparability studies in real time.

It is both quick and reliable, allowing you to easily compare your organization's costs against your peers, plus the power to dive deep into how those numbers were generated with full manipulation and projection features. North Star Negotiations is your solution for negotiations and comparibility.

The first module in North Star Negotiations will enable your school district, ESU, city, or county -- and any of your bargaining representatives -- to compare your settlement and contract information against your peers. North Star Negotiations will also allow you to view your peer entities, generate comparison and prevelancy reports, view negotiated agreements from across the state, and provide you with more accurate data.

The second module in North Star Negotiations will use the information gained from the Contract Settlement Form, in addition to staff information entered by the user, to perform a traditional comparability study. All calculations are done in real time so you can quickly switch between different peer arrays and see the effect of even small changes in benefits and/or salary.

Sparq understands that personnel costs are often your district's, ESU's, city's, or county's number one expenditure every year. Since hiring is so important, Sparq Data Solutions will strive to provide you with multiple options to improve your success at the bargaining table. The North Star Negotiations calculations are based off of the data being collected by the Nebraska Association of School boards through the Contract Settlement Form. The Contract Settlement Form is the first step to even out the playing field. North Star Negotiations is the second step to help you enjoy win-win negotiations.